It seems like only yesterday I was hopping on a plane to meet Rachel in Peru for the very first time. Armed with high hopes, a Spanish phrase book, and a scribbled list of potential contacts, we set out to start this journey called The Citizenry.  


It’s been a wild nine months since I left my job in advertising; I’ve learned more about myself, the world, and what it really takes to build something from scratch than I ever thought possible. It seemed only fitting to start this journal with a few thoughts, inspirations, and glimmers of beauty I've encountered so far. 



I've learned to find the possibilities in a blank page. And when in doubt, to just hop on a plane - and go. Somehow, we'll figure it all out. I've also found there's such meaning found in making. That mastery starts with materials. And that taking the time to truly revel in the tactile beauty of exquisite craftsmanship is just plain good for the soul.



Last but not least, I've discovered a new affinity for alpacas and vintage frazadas (in that order). I wish I had the space to become an official hoarder of both. 


But in all seriousness, I’ve been humbled by this journey and amazed by the work an intrepid group of makers and dreamers can come together and accomplish – even across language barriers, cultures, and continents – when they’re bound by a shared passion and purpose. It’s been one helluva ride and it’s just the beginning.  





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