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When decorating your bathrooms, you may wonder whether you should go with a bathroom mat or a bathroom rug, and what even is the difference? We want to help settle the debate. The truth is that the right choice is the one that works best for your particular space, based on a variety of factors. For everyone on the fence, we’ve jotted down a few things to consider when browsing the best bathroom rugs and mats.





 Hinoki Wood Bath Mat

Great for: Minimalists looking for a spa experience
Considerations: Less absorbency, may be bulky for small spaces


A sustainable, planet-friendly option that’s also resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria, hinoki wood bath mats are one of the best bathroom ideas you could possibly have. Our wood bath mats are handcrafted from the finest hinoki cypress – you won't find any knots or imperfections here. The best part? When wet, the hinoki releases a relaxing, woodsy aroma, transforming any bathroom into a zen oasis. Trust us, it's heavenly. 


A perfect pairing with almost any bathroom tile, a wood bath mat adds an organic, natural touch to a minimal bath. Lasting for years with virtually no maintenance, all it takes is a quick swipe with a towel to clean off any dust or water. Be sure not to let water sit for too long on the mat’s surface to avoid possible mold or mildew. For more on how to care for our hinoki wood bathroom mats, see our full guide. 


Bathroom Rug

Great for: Traditionalists looking for an absorbent, plush feel
Considerations: May need to toss in the wash to keep in tip-top shape

When thinking of bath mats, you can't go wrong with a plush, cotton bath rug to style in front of your sink or your tub. There's nothing better than stepping out of a shower and being greeted by a cozy bath mat under your feet. 


Your traditional bath rug will usually come in soft, neutral colors to blend well with calm bathroom styles. Our woven bath rugs are designed in a calming palette of soft greys and whites, but they are far from boring. From handcrafted tassel detailing to hand-braided textural patterns, our bath rugs from Morocco and Turkey add just-the-right amount of design impact to your space. 


If you see that your bath mat needs some sprucing up after regular use, just toss it in the wash. Follow the care instructions for how to dry depending on the mat, and you’ll be set.




              Tiya Runner
              Great for: Design junkies looking for color and pattern
              Considerations: Not for right in front of the shower

              The options are endless when it comes to woven bathroom rugs. From a splash of bold pattern or a pop of color, these rugs instantly elevate your bath into a statement room. 


              A natural fit for tile or hardwood floors, woven bath rugs provide an extra level of style and comfort when you need it, especially when layered with a rug pad. An accent rug can be placed in front of your sink as a small bathroom update, while a bathroom runner may suit a larger bathroom in front of a double vanity.


              Since most rugs are woven with all natural wool instead of cotton, they are likely less absorbent, so you should style in places with minimal water exposure (i.e. not directly in front of your shower). 

              Browse all of our rugs to find the bathroom rug that’s best for you. 



              Still on the fence? We can’t blame you. If you have room to play, here are a few styling tips for how you can get the best of both worlds.



              WHY CHOOSE? 

              Add a hinoki bathroom mat just outside of your shower, giving you that spa-like experience when you step out. After you’ve toweled off, you can step over to the beautiful accent rug that is placed just in front of the sink, feeling the soft texture beneath your feet as you start in on your skincare routine.


              A HINT OF HINOKI

              Love the hinoki look, but need the absorbency of a classic bath mat? We’ve got you covered. Add a few of our favorite hinoki bathroom accessories for an ode to the Japanese zen bath – a bath caddy or a wood towel ladder can add just the right amount. 


              (Hinoki Wood Side Tables - $399, Hinoki Wood Ladders - From $499, Hinoki Wood Bath Mat - From $159) 


              No matter which side of the debate you land on, you’re in great company. Both woven rugs and wooden mats can be an effortlessly cool accent in your bathroom. Now, we suggest washing away the stress of all this conflict with a nice, warm bath. You earned it.

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