Our latest Spring Textile Collection is all about color. From desert blushes and terracottas to dusty blues and cool greys, we want to bring you a bit of the natural beauty of Lima's coastline.

When thinking about how to bring these brilliant hues to life, we turned to the world of modern art, the true masters of color play. The way these artists use shapes, lines, and forms to draw out the depth and intensity of each shade – well, it’s nothing short of inspirational.


We’ll let our product designer, Haley Seidel, take it from here though… She’ll share a bit more about the thinking behind this collection and how it all came together.







 This vision was brought to life by the incomparable craftsmanship of our artisan partners in Peru. Every hue and shade of this collection was hand-dyed to perfection, creating a one of a kind spectrum of colors. 


The collection lands April 19! Click here to sign up for early access to our newest (dare we say dreamiest?) collection.


Image sources (top to bottom): IMAGE 1 - Claire Oswalt, IMAGE 2 - Claire Oswalt, IMAGE 3 - Sandy Cary, IMAGE 4 - Take Over Time, IMAGE 5 - ROANDCO, IMAGE 6 - Esther Stewart, IMAGE 7 - Amelie Petit Moreau, IMAGE 8 - CEREAL, IMAGE 9 - Frank Reimann, IMAGE 10 - Amelie Petit Moreau




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