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As we all know, holiday traditions have looked a bit different lately. As gatherings and festivities have taken on new flavors, the ritual of slowing down to share a meal at home is one that we've come to appreciate all the more. 


To make those intimate gatherings at home extra special, we're teaming up with Megan Gilger of Fresh Exchange. She'll be sharing a few tips and tricks for styling a holiday table that creates a sense of calm and connection. 


So without further ado, we’ll let Megan take it from here...





Rather than creating something more complicated, opt for a simple, natural tabletop let the materials you choose show your intention and thoughtfulness. When you are mindful about the fibers and textures you choose, it shines through in the simplicity.



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When creating a table for the holidays, think about the tones on the table. Choose a neutral, earthy color palette because the tones don’t speak too loudly and allow the important things to shine, such as the conversation, the food, and the candlelight. A grounded palette helps everything feel connected, but not too fussy or overdone.



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You can never go wrong with greenery as the centerpiece at the holidays. You’ll need to decide what kind of greenery you want to use depending on the meal and what sort of space you need. You can use a grapevine wreath and add in greens from the tree lot, run greenery down the center of the table to create a garland, or even head out into nature to gather greenery from the woods to style in vases.



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Candles are absolutely essential to a holiday tabletop. They make everything feel extra cozy, and the warm light creates intimacy and connection with those at your holiday gathering. Simple wood candle holders will compliment the greenery on the table well because they help bring a woodsy, natural feel to the table.


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The last step is choosing the perfect napkins for your tabletop. Go for linen napkins because they are relaxed but feel thoughtful at the same time. For a festive finishing touch, add a sprig of greenery on each napkin.



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And just like that, you’re ready to create the perfect picturesque tabletop for savoring a holiday meal at home. 


For more styling inspiration and gardening tips, head over to Megan’s blog at Fresh Exchange and follow her on Instagram at @thefreshexchange. You can also check out her weekly podcast where she talks all things gardening, cooking, and seasonal living.


You can shop the full look with all of Megan's essentials here.


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