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Making Art in Buenos Aires image

Making Art in Buenos Aires

  As we spent more time in Buenos Aires and met more people in the art community, we came to realize there’s a really interesting (and inspiring) movement running through...

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Looking Back on Lima image

Looking Back on Lima

  One of our favorite things about Lima is that taxi drivers are way more likely to strike up a conversation with you about food than football. So any time...

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Studio Tunes // Goodbye to Summer image

Studio Tunes // Goodbye to Summer

Nobody at The Citizenry is very good about working in silence. When we’re not on calls, we’re listening to music. Since it's officially fall next week, we figured we'd say...

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Time Traveling in Peru image

Time Traveling in Peru

  Visiting the Patacancha Valley feels like traveling back in time entirely. The scenery and way of life is untouched by modern society. The women handloom their clothes using the...

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Behind The Scenes // Photo Shoot image

Behind The Scenes // Photo Shoot

  If you follow our brand on social media, you know we've partnered with Cassie of The Veda House to bring our vision to life. To say that we’ve been busy the...

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Meeting The Lurin Artisan Cooperative image

Meeting The Lurin Artisan Cooperative

  Lurin is a teeny, tiny town one hour outside of Lima. On our first visit, we took a collectivo taxi (which is an experience in itself), but meeting this...

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Design Inspiration // San Pedro Throw image

Design Inspiration // San Pedro Throw

  It’s incredible when you see a design come to life, becoming more beautiful than you originally envisioned. Taking color palette inspiration from our days in Lima, the San Pedro...

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Elevating the Everyday image

Elevating the Everyday

Hello, Saturday. You glorious thing you. This month we've been celebrating blissful weekends and all the beauty they bring - time to relax, recharge, and reconnect.    We partnered with...

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Building The Citizenry (so far) image

Building The Citizenry (so far)

  It seems like only yesterday I was hopping on a plane to meet Rachel in Peru for the very first time. Armed with high hopes, a Spanish phrase book,...

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