Sadira Beni Ourain Rug
8' x 10'


Sadira Beni Ourain Rug
8' x 10'


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Handwoven in Morocco by 

The Weavers of Bouguemez

This black and cream rug features the iconic patterns of the nomadic tribes in Morocco’s High Atlas. Masterfully hand-knotted using thick sheep’s wool, this pile-knot rug is one of the softest and most luxurious rugs your feet will ever touch.

While most Moroccan rugs on the market today are vintage, this beauty has been handcrafted exclusively for The Citizenry. Each rug takes 6 weavers a month to complete, made by a fair trade cooperative dedicated to preserving this lost art. MORE >

**Since each rug takes weeks to hand-loom, we only receive 1 - 2 per month.**


  • MEASUREMENTS: 8' W x 10' L
  • MATERIALS: Locally sourced sheep's wool
  • COLOR: Cream base with black pattern
  • ORIGIN: Morocco
  • MADE IN SMALL BATCHES: Comes with hand-numbered card


Basic care:

The raw, unrefined wool may include small, embedded natural fibers. Over time, these fibers will work their way to the surface – when they do, simply rake or lightly vacuum the fibers. No need to panic – shedding of loose fibers is normal with new wool rugs and will subside over time.

Treating stains:

If the stain was caused by liquid, act quickly to prevent from drying – use paper towels to absorb. When in doubt, professional dry cleaning is always going to be your best bet.