The Indonesia Collection

Modern designs with a sense of sanctuary. All ethically crafted
and sustainably sourced.

The Indonesia Collection

A commitment to protect the islands’
resources, from wood to rattan and palm.

The Indonesia Collection

Featuring 19 styles. Handcrafted by
259 master artisans across 4 islands.

The Indonesia Collection

Together, we’re advancing craft
and sustainability across the globe.

New Arrivals

Handcrafted in a remote village in Indonesia, new rattan furniture to add a touch of boho to any space.

Rattan Seating

Lightweight, functional, sculptural. A modern take on natural rattan.

Wood Chairs

Architectural frames. Richly-grained wood. An organic, yet modern design statement.

All handcrafted with sustainably sourced materials from the islands of Indonesia.

Wood Ladders & Tables

Accents to bring a layer of warmth and texture.

Rattan & Palm Accents

Natural materials meet effortless designs. Laid-back, bohemian styling at its finest.