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QA Test - Purchasable and Waitlist Crafted in Uganda

Handcrafted in Uganda 

A Collaboration with Rose & Fitzgerald 

Hand carved from rich Mugavu wood, this planter is a sculptural work of art. Paired with a tiny cactus or air plant, it makes the perfect accent for your desk or shelf.

Each piece is handcrafted by a group of 15 woodworkers in the Nakawa region of Uganda, made exclusively in a fair trade environment. In the spirit of sustainability, the cooperative replants trees to replenish this precious resource for future generations.

  • 5”H x 4”W

  • 100% Mugavu wood

  • Uganda

Woodworkers of Nakawa

Woodworkers of Nakawa image
"Good work takes time and attention to detail. When I'm most careful, the end result is usually the most beautiful."
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00° 18' 49"S
32° 34' 52"E

Made with higher standards. We preserve artisan craft by paying wages that average 2x the fair trade requirement.

Prolonged contact with water will cause the Adia Planter to crack, so we always recommend using a liner pot with live plants or cut greenery to keep your Adia looking perfect.

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