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Everyone wants to make a great first impression. When it comes to entertaining, the entryway is the place where your guests get their first peek at the personality of your space. Not only should an entryway be beautiful, but they have to be able to stand up to the scattered piles of shoes, the wet raincoats, and the daily traffic of your house. Today, we’re going to share a few quick entryway ideas that always create a warm welcome.


First and foremost, your entryway should be functional. Yes, you want your entry to make a good first impression with guests, but you are the one who will live with it day-in, day-out. Start with your foundation – a console table or a bench sets the stage for it all. From there, add baskets, bowls, or trays for stowing shoes, keys, and extra clutter. How about a mirror for last-minute touch-ups? Make a list of all the ways you plan to use your entry, and then use that as a blueprint for styling.


Entryway rugs are a perfect way to add warmth to your foyer – pops of color and playful patterns set the tone for creating a welcoming place. Not only that, the right entryway rug can prevent dirt or moisture from being tracked in, while protecting your floors from getting nicked or scuffed with time. We’d recommend runners or accent rugs, specifically natural jute, fique, or wool flatweave for such a high-traffic area. Find the right entryway rug for you with our Rug Size Guide.


A small entryway table is probably the most valuable addition to your space. Not only does it create space for you to accessorize, entryway tables are an incredibly practical place to put down your keys at the end of a long day. Just remember where you put them. Add a round jute rug below and complete the look with a decorative and functional bowl, vases, or candle holders.


If you can’t fit a table, an entryway bench creates a cozy place to set down your backpack, double knot your shoelaces, or wait for your partner to finally be ready to leave for date night. If you're like us, it also creates an another nook to style pillows. There’s no end to the positives that an entryway bench can bring to your home. We’re a bit biased, but we think our woven and leather accent benches are a perfect fit for any space.


Sometimes, the average foyer can be a bit… small, cramped, and downright uninspiring. Often part of a hallway or just some spot for passing through, entryways work best when you can find a way to make them feel larger or more immersive. An entryway mirror can create depth and add a new dimension to your space, while a piece of wall art can make the right statement.


Let’s be honest. A lot of pile-ups can happen in your entryway. Keep things neat and tidy by adding a bit of entryway storage with woven baskets. A perfect place to stash your shoes before your guests arrive, baskets add extra storage right where you need it.


An entryway should just be a reflection of the warmth, creativity, and personality of your home. As long as it’s expressing something that feels right for you, your entryway will be perfect. Display souvenirs from your latest travels or inspire your next with collected pieces to greet you when you walk through the door or into the world.