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Artisans of Cirebon
Employs 20 Artisans
“We’re ensuring that this traditional craft lives on. We’re giving it a place in the modern world.”
- Sita, Co-Founder

To get to the remote village of Kampung Naga, you’ll walk through a lush rainforest, down 400 (yes, 400…) stone steps, and through fields of rice terraces. It’s here you’ll find the true masters of rattan. This material is pretty much everywhere you look – from the walls of their houses to the baskets holding their meals, they know a thing or two about this ancient craft.

It’s incredible to watch these master artisans take a pile of manau rattan plants and, through some skilled cutting, molding, and binding, create a woven masterpiece. With each intricate twist or stitch, you can trace the generations behind this difficult practice.

To bring our rattan collection to life, we worked with a husband-wife duo, Sita and Dimas, who’ve spent years partnering with these talented artisans. This duo’s vision is to preserve the time-tested tradition of rattan weaving, and ultimately, to provide long-term sustainable income for the community.