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Artisans of Senapati
Employs 35 Artisans
“It’s mesmerizing to watch the copper artisans shape and execute their ornamentation in machine-like precision.”
- Rashmi, Founder and Lead Designer

Throughout all her studies and work in modern architecture and design, Rashmi has always had a soft spot for copper. Whether it be its warm luster, its malleability, or even its sustainability (copper is completely recyclable), she’s fascinated with the ins and outs of this material.

Beyond the material itself, the techniques used to bring copper to life are pretty incredible. A complex process of die casting, sanding, heating, molding, and polishing, this craft inspired Rashmi so much so that she founded a collective of metalworkers throughout Pune.

This collective works with copper and kansa bronze (a copper alloy) to create accents inspired by India’s cultural traditions and rituals. Each piece is handcrafted by family-run workshops who’ve perfected this craft for generations - as in, for over 400 years.