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Known as Master Ji, a term of respect reserved for those who’ve perfected the art of block printing, Jabaar is renown for his skill and eye for detail. Just spend a few minutes watching Master Ji at work, and you’ll see why he’s such a legend.

Row by row, stamp by stamp, he methodically crafts his masterpieces. Every line is measured with incredible precision and each ink press is applied with just the right amount of force, ensuring the exact shade. The most incredible part? He does it all by memory, no patterns or directions here.

Master Ji and our product designer spent months perfecting every detail of these textiles – from the hand-carved blocks to the custom dye recipes, this duo wanted to get it right. In each piece, you can trace this unparalleled artistry. Between the clean, architectural lines and the soft, earth tones, each one is nothing short of a masterpiece.