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Kochi Hinoki Workshop
Employs 30 Artisans
"We’re committed to preserving the natural beauty of hinoki cypress. From sourcing to shaping and finishing, we use sustainable methods every step of the way.”
- Ryushu, Founder
In the mountain ranges of Kochi, Japan, sits a small workshop housing 13 artisans. Inside, master woodworkers create some of the most beautiful pieces comprised entirely of the sacred Japanese hinoki wood.

With careful precision and a commitment to preserving the quality of the hinoki, the craftsmen create their works of art. Known for the signature wavy surface of their pieces, this workshop is dedicated to the time-honored tradition of ‘monotsukuri’ – or making things by hand – and passing that down from generation to generation.

What started off as a one-man operation making small wooden figurines has now turned into a full-fledged operation with an entrepreneurial spirit (which we of course loved from the moment we met) and an unmatched mastery of their craft. In each piece, you can trace the artistry. And each piece is that perfect blend of tradition and modern style that our homes deserve.