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Manos of Occidente
Employs 9 Artisans
“Our country influences our designs in the way we experiment with materials, colors, and forms.”
- Laura, Designer

Having grown up in a home that revolved around creativity and culture, a love for the arts comes second nature to both Laura and Gabriela Noriega. Five years ago, these two sisters turned this passion into a business, and now lead a collective of designers and craftsmen throughout their country.

This duo searches high and low for talented makers, seeking out artists who are committed to preserving the techniques, materials, and forms authentic to the region. After learning about their goal in highlighting Mexico’s depth and diversity of craft, we couldn’t wait to team up.

We worked with their partner studios in Mexico City and Jalisco to bring this collection of tabletop accents and furniture designs to life. Each of these family-run workshops is committed to innovation in their work; from iterating on a clay and stone mixtures to perfecting hand-carving techniques, they are true masters of the craft.