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Palermo Leather Workshop
Employs 8 Artisans
"Each chair is a work of art. We hand-select the perfect piece of leather and handcraft every single detail."
- Santiago, Lead Designer
We fell in love with the visionary behind the Palermo Leather Workshop before we even sat in one of his remarkable chairs. We just found his impeccable style and easy Argentine grace irresistible.

The main workshop is tucked away on a sleepy tree-lined street in Buenos Aires. It’s here that a collective of multi-talented craftsmen–with past lives as soccer aficionados, fashion models, and bonsai tree enthusiasts–have discovered their true calling in perfecting this time-honored craft.

Everything is done “the old world way”: each piece of leather is skillfully dyed, trimmed and sewn by hand. Their dedication to quality craftsmanship is only matched by their love of Bife de Chorizo and Malbec. Whether it’s four hour steak dinners or an afternoon espresso at a sidewalk café, they know how to enjoy the simple pleasures of everyday life.

With every bit of the painstaking attention to detail you’d expect from this group, it’s no wonder each chair is truly a work of art.