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The Quilicura Design Studio
Employs 10 Artisans
"We are inspired by our country, the people, the way of life, above all the incredible landscapes.”
- Cristobal & Valentina, Head Designers

On our first night in Santiago, we had dinner with Cristobal and Valentina at a rooftop bar overlooking the city. Over a couple of piscolas and fresh ceviche, we chatted for hours – from how this husband-wife duo first met to when they decided to start their own design studio, we covered a lot of ground.

These two have dabbled in all aspects of the design world, with backgrounds in retail design, architecture, interior design, and even visual merchandising. But it wasn’t until recently that they decided to strike out and pursue their dream of opening their own studio. While risky, these two entrepreneurs just couldn’t help but pursue their passion. Fast forward to today, and Cristobal and Valentina are living the dream, designing and creating beautiful pieces for the home.

Partnering with small workshops all over the city of Santiago, they team up with woodworkers, stonemasons, and glass cutters who are are true experts in their craft. Together, they combine local materials – copper from the Atacama deserts, leather from Chillan – in a way that highlights the natural beauty of Chile in a fresh, unexpected way.