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This group simply exudes joy. Each one is marked by a beaming smile and infectious laugh. And this joy is especially apparent when talking about their craft – as they share about the materials, the techniques, and the heritage, you can feel the passion behind each word.

Based on Blantyre, Malawi, this workshop was once described as “Harry and his women.” The story goes that one of the master weavers, Harry, was weaving a tray from palm leaves – and seeing the natural beauty of the unfinished tray, they decided to repurpose it as an abstract wall hanging.

As these sun wall hangings took off in popularity, Harry started training the women in the village to weave the art pieces as well. A craft historically done solely by men, this inclusion of women was unprecedented. Fast forward to today, and the group is now split equally between men and women.

When we heard about this group’s creativity and fresh perspective, we couldn’t wait to team up. We hope these wall hangings bring a bit of joy to your home and serve as a reminder to find beauty in the unexpected places.