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Weavers of Santiago
Employs 52 Artisans
"We’ve been weaving for centuries. Today, we like to explore more modern designs and combine the past with the present.”
- Fernando, Co-Founder of Cooperative

As weavers from the flatlands of northern Argentina, this group hails from a proud tradition and long line of master artisans. For centuries, their ancestors have been weaving the finest rugs.

The secret to their woven masterpieces? The wool itself. Using all natural sheep’s wool from the local region, they wash, spin, thread, dye, and dry the wool before it’s ready to be woven – each step is done with the utmost care and respect for the material.

Once the wool is ready to go, that’s when the fun begins – three to eight weeks worth of fun. That’s right, it can take up to two months to weave one of these beautiful rugs. One look at the extra-chunky and durable, yet incredibly detailed weave, and you can see every bit of the craftsmanship that goes into each design.