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As weavers from the flatlands of northern Argentina, this group hails from a proud tradition and long line of master artisans. For centuries, their ancestors have been handcrafting the finest rugs and saddle blankets used in everyday life.

Today their weaving community is made up of 12 men and nearly 40 women, all of whom have a unique role in creating every single textile. We love the intense myriad of natural dyes created by this group and their use of extra-thick yarn that creates extraordinarily soft yet durable rugs.  

A special note about the weavers of Santiago: you may have noticed that we don't have any photos of the people in this group. That's because the weavers politely asked that we leave our cameras at home–it’s a an ancestral belief that cameras have the power to steal their souls.  

We can safely say that no photographs were taken or souls stolen in the making of these products.