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Spend a few minutes talking with Jennifer, and you can’t help but hear how passionate she is about weaving. Her love for a specific style of authentic Turkish towels began well over a decade ago, when she searched high and low to find artisans who were still weaving on heritage shuttle-style looms. A visit to the Turkish countryside proved what she was afraid of: this ancient craft was almost extinct.

Fast forward to today, and Jennifer’s weaving cooperative boasts 1,800 artisans who weave exclusively on shuttle-style looms, carrying on this rich legacy. Through the use of shuttle looms, they’ve been able to achieve highly unique designs in a modern collection of organic cotton textiles.

Jennifer and her vast team of artisans are passionate about reducing their carbon footprint, preserving ancient craftsmanship, and most of all, they’re passionate about creating beautiful pieces for homes around the world. Things we’re fully passionate about, too.