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Weavers of Raya
Employs 20 Artisans
“For over 35 years, we’ve made it a goal to stay innovative – we look for design inspiration from all over."
- Arshan, Director
Flipping through notebooks of rug styles, Arshan beamed with pride as he showed us the countless designs the cooperative has created over the years. We poured over the stacks of books – page after page of ancient motifs, intricate patterns, bold hues, textural details. Needless to say, we were in textile heaven.

Arshan now heads up the group alongside his two sons, Abbas and Azfar. Their goal? To carry on India’s rich legacy of weaving. (No small feat). They partner with master artisans in villages across Bhadohi – together, they come up with new designs and techniques for their rug collections.

This collaboration is what sparked the idea to weave rugs from yarn made of recycled bottles. Their innovative design not only reduces the amount of trash heading to landfills (one rug uses up to 3,000 plastic bottles), but also brings India’s art of weaving to modern homes today. Win, win.

Once we heard how this group is taking sustainable design to the next level, we jumped at the chance to team up. With this collection of recycled rugs, we’re proud to bring a bit of beauty to both your home and the environment.