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In the remote region of Guapi, Cauca, an unexpected community of artisans is thriving. But it wasn’t always so. They are a part of an ethnic group who was forced to leave their ancestral lands in Choco due to hostility in that particular area. A strong and resilient crew, they not only built a new “village” from scratch, but they also found a way to earn a living.

Their career of choice? Basket weaving. This technique has been ingrained in their culture for generations – some go so far as to say it’s “in their blood.” From harvesting the Chocolatillo plant in nearby jungles and dyeing the fiber with native leaves or roots to weaving designs inspired by various animals or ancient legends, this craft is rooted in their heritage, representing their way of life.

Over the past 10 years, this group has worked tirelessly to perfect their weavings – and today are known internationally for their expertise and beautiful designs. And while this craft has given this community a sustainable living, in their opinion, it has first and foremost given them the opportunity to bring their rich heritage to homes near and far.