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Women of High Atlas
Employs 31 Artisans
“I learned how to weave from my own mother. And now, it’s amazing to see how those skills she taught me are being used to provide for my own children.”
- Aicha, Weaver
Nestled high up in the High Atlas Mountains, this remote village can only be reached by a trek across some pretty precarious dirt roads and rocky cliffs.

Here’s where you’ll find one of the last cooperatives still hand-looming heirloom-quality wedding blankets. This group of incredible women is known throughout the country for their weaving talent – the detail in their work is unmatched.

Traditionally used to adorn a bride on her big day, there’s no cutting corners when it comes to crafting these meaningful designs. In fact, with over 8,000 sequins (yes, you heard right, 8,000) and handwoven patterns, these wedding blankets can take over a month to complete.