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Women of Iquique
Employs 38 Artisans
"Weaving is important to carry on our traditions. It also allows me to make an income, not just rely on my husband's work."
- Alejandra, Weaver

This group of women is all about the integrity of their craft. And to them, integrity starts with the materials (a M.O. we can get behind). They raise their own alpaca, shear them, and spin the wool. Nothing store-bought goes into this process. You won’t find them using any synthetic dyes either – they only opt for the natural hues of the alpaca wool.

Beyond the materials, this tight-knit Aymara community wants to preserve the techniques and designs that have been passed down for generations. With each new piece, they make sure the style is true to their roots. We are proud to work alongside them to continue this incredibly rich legacy of craft.