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Zapopan Workshop
Employs 70 Artisans
“We started designing and making chairs out of our garage, and it has grown into something bigger than we dreamed. This growth is because of the incredible artisans. They make the magic happen.”
- Marco, Co-Founder
Drive about thirty minutes outside Guadalajara, down a winding cactus-dotted road, and you’ll find this design studio and workshop known for creating furniture inspired by the glamour of 1950’s Acapulco.

Originally founded by Marco and Sophia (an architect and designer duo), this workshop specializes in combining unique local materials with traditional Mexican craftsmanship. We walked through aisles and aisles of shelves filled to the brim with natural materials harvested across Mexico – palm leaves, leathers, and metals, all ready and waiting to be woven and welded to perfection.

Over the years, the workshop has grown from a garage-sized operation to an expansive studio now supporting 70 artisans. Each room is dedicated to a different craft, and each craft is lead by a different family or group of friends. We first met Luis and Luis Jr., a quiet, unassuming father-son duo who manage the welding workshop. Then, Uri and Armando, two friends who have risen through the ranks of the studio’s “weaving school”, are now master weavers who set the pace for their group with their intricate, skilled weaving designs. While each group has a clear specialty and craft expertise, they all are driven by an air of creativity and true “family mentality.”