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An object is only as beautiful as the environment in which it’s made. That’s why we travel the globe to bring the world’s best craftsmanship home to you. Each design is made by the most incredible artisans with the finest materials. All made start-to-finish with fair trade standards.


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The Citizenry x Havenly

Our Next Chapter

As we step into a new year, we have an exciting new chapter ahead. We’re pleased to announce The Citizenry will be joining the Havenly community of brands!

Founded by Lee Mayer, Havenly started as an online interior design service business and has grown into a rich house of brands, all on a mission to add beauty and life to the spaces in which we live. Together, we will push that ethos forward.

We have always believed our homes are deeply personal, reflections of the journeys we take.
Those spaces deserve designs with a soul and story.

That is why we started The Citizenry. We set out to build a brand that celebrates the best craftsmanship from around the globe. Over the last (almost!) ten years, we’ve proven that business can be a force for good, modern design can live alongside fair-trade standards, and that we are still… just beginning.

As we join Havenly, you can expect the same time-tested craftsmanship and rich stories. Rachel and Carly, and our collective artisan network, will continue on the journey ahead.

Together, we will set new standards for social responsibility across every step of our supply chain. We will create designs to inspire. And most importantly, we will continue to build creative bridges across countries, regions, cultures, and perspectives.

To celebrate this new partnership, we asked Havenly’s CEO Lee Mayer and our co-founders Carly Nance and Rachel Bentley to share a bit more about this next chapter.

How do you see the brand values working together?

Lee: “At Havenly, we’re passionate about helping clients design homes with some of the most beautiful, relevant products in the market, and I’ve personally been an enthusiastic customer of The Citizenry for years. It’s a brand that stands out. Of course, I’ve fallen in love with the incredible, high-quality products. I have rugs, throws, pillows, and bedding…you name it… in my own home! But I also connect with the brand’s dedication to Fair Trade. At Havenly, we plan to continue to learn from The Citizenry and celebrate those values in the chapter ahead.”

Rachel: “A decade ago, we set out to prove retail can be a force for good. Havenly sees those values, loves the brand we’ve built, and is excited to carry that mission forward. They are the right partner to lead this next chapter of growth.”

What stories are you hoping to share collectively in this new chapter?

Carly: “We’re all in the business of inspiration. I look forward to unpacking that and exploring what it means to create more inspired, more intentional spaces, together. The world is chaotic, and it’s a privilege to help more people bring beauty and peace to their space.”

Rachel: “Of course, I always look forward to sharing more stories about artisan partners, particularly the women who lead their cooperatives to create better worlds. It’s always inspiring. I’m also passionate about sharing Fair Trade principles across all Havenly brands.”

Lee: “I’m also very excited about the opportunity to share more stories about our partners, I think the conversations are incredibly inspiring. I cannot wait to see more Citizenry products in Havenly designed rooms. I know the combination will create some of our most beautiful and meaningful spaces yet!”

Both brands exist to bring more meaning to the home. What does home mean to you?

Rachel: “When I think of the objects that add meaning to my home, it’s always been about bringing in those beautiful, well crafted pieces. I love filling my home with rugs from Morocco, baskets from Mexico, and stone-washed linen bedding from Portugal - it creates layers of interest that very few homes have."

Carly: “Not surprisingly, I’m similar. To me, home is a bit of a love story. It’s filled with people and designs that fuel my soul in some way.”

Lee: “For me, home is the backdrop for my life. I love the stories collected through travel and a great art find - but also through the sofa my sons love to jump on, or the dining table around which I’ve had countless dinners with my loved ones.

Are there any of The Citizenry's partner countries that hold a special place for you?

Carly: “Peru and Argentina were our first collections and will always hold an extra space in mine and Rachel’s hearts. They were the beginning.”

Lee: “I’m the daughter of Indian immigrants, and always marveled at the country’s strong heritage in textiles, despite being removed from it. Growing up, I had the opportunity to spend summers teaching conversational English to women around Kolkata experiencing domestic abuse to help them find much needed employment to support their families. I love how The Citizenry is empowering women, in particular, to create businesses around their craft. It’s an immense privilege and opportunity to showcase the incredible artistry from the region, in what feels like a full circle moment.”

How do you think the home decor industry will continue to evolve?

Rachel: “In times of turbulence, the businesses that read the landscape and make moves are the ones that redefine the industry. I’m surprised we haven’t seen more home & DTC brands coming together to unlock value - both in terms of omnichannel growth opportunities and operational efficiency. With this move, we’re creating deeper offerings for our customer and something that is stronger together than we are apart.”

Carly: “Rachel and I believe the Havenly team is building the next-generation home decor powerhouse, investing in the right tools to fuel the purchase journey. We’re excited to bring our rich brand, product pipeline, and customer base to help fuel that vision.”

How would you describe your home style?

Lee: “We’ve joked about this, but all of our homes have been settings for many brand shoots. You’ve probably seen them many times without knowing it. Right now, my home has a light, bright, transitional vibe, but if you know me, you know I’m never far off from a change in decor! Currently my favorite (and hardest working) pieces have to be the swivel accent chairs facing our kitchen in which you’ll always find a lazy dog, a hyper toddler, or an exhausted husband, particularly while I’m cooking dinner."

Rachel: “We completely renovated a 100-year old Tudor home, and it was the cozy setting used in our last Citizenry holiday shoot! The house is layered with unexpected contrasts, blending antiques and modern styles, and has a very creative energy throughout, thanks to my husband’s collection of musical instruments and artifacts from his film shoots."

Carly: “I tend to think of different homes as backdrops to different chapters of life. For a fun trip down memory lane, here's a tour from my current house when we moved in six years ago. It has a warm, family-oriented 1950’s ranch house base, but we layered in a few modern elements and a lot of art! I’m in the process of renovating another home, and as we enter into another chapter with this move for The Citizenry, the timing feels right. I’m looking forward to filling it with the newest Citizenry pieces - our product pipeline this year is insane! I can’t wait to share how it all comes together later this year.”

Thank you for joining the journey

We're glad to have you along for the ride. Together, we're building something beautiful.