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An object is only as beautiful as the environment in which it’s made. That’s why we travel the globe to bring the world’s best craftsmanship home to you. Each design is made by the most incredible artisans with the finest materials. All made start-to-finish with fair trade standards.


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All About Beni Ourain Rugs

Some masterpieces take centuries to create. A perfect blend of natural materials, timeless beauty, and rich history, Beni Ourain rugs have captured the hearts of designers and homeowners around the world. More than simple decoration, these hand-knotted, textured rugs are a perfect match for almost any aesthetic, grounding spaces with a warm, inviting atmosphere. Crafted on the loom in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, these Moroccan rugs are a favorite in any season. If you’re in the market for plush rugs, we’ve gathered up a few reasons why you should consider Beni Ourain rugs.

A rich history

Every Beni Ourain rug tells a story, but they all start in the same place. Nestled in the mountains of Morocco, the nomadic Berber tribes crafted these beautiful textured rugs to stay warm during the cold nights. Sourcing the rich, undyed wool from the sheep they tended, they added distinctive geometric patterns and symbols that held deep cultural meaning for their people. Over time, these plush rugs traveled beyond the borders of Morocco, where they became prized for their minimalist style and timeless comfort.

A global favorite

Quality. Durability. Versatility. These are just a few of the reasons why Beni Ourain rugs have won over the world of interior design, popping up in celebrity homes and designer boutiques around the world. Crafted with time-tested techniques that have been perfected over centuries, these plush rugs add an organic touch that blends seamlessly with a wide range of styles, from eclectic bohemian to modern minimalist. More than that, Beni Ourain rugs are also made to stand up to the wear and tear of daily life, aging gracefully with each new generation.

An easy-to-style choice

With Beni Ourain rugs, the possibilities are endless. An easy addition to both contemporary and traditional spaces, these Moroccan shag rugs add warmth, texture, and a touch of natural charm to any room in your home. Place them in a living room to anchor a seating area, creating a cozy, inviting space for your guests. Add these plush rugs to any guest or primary bedroom for a luxe accent, providing your feet with a soft landing each morning. No matter where they land, these timeless, textured rugs are sure to make a statement.

A pillar of artisan communities

We love vintage rugs as much as anyone else, but there’s a special joy that comes with each new Beni Ourain rug that’s created, knowing that these plush rugs keep local communities and the craft itself alive. The volume of mass-produced imitations grows with every passing year, so it’s incredibly important to preserve this rich cultural heritage for the next generation.

Partnering with artisans in Morocco

When you purchase a Beni Ourain rug from The Citizenry, every piece is hand-knotted by a small community of women weavers in Ait Bouguemez. Nestled among mountain brooks and apple orchards, this nimble workshop thrives on a small collective of women who seek to make something fresh from the traditional. As a result, each textured rug is a true masterpiece with a deep connection to the land and people who create them.

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