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Behind the Design

All About Waffle Towels

Waffle towels are more than a pretty face. Although they’re often found lounging around high-end hotels or on a celebrity house tour, the best waffle bath towels also deliver a laundry list of practical benefits that any modern home could use. Mixing traditional weaving techniques with modern style, waffle bath towels are an effortless way to elevate your everyday bath routine. Before you make the switch, check out some of our favorite facts about waffle towels.

They’re been around for centuries

Waffle towels have a track record that goes back hundreds of years to traditional weaving techniques that were used to create textiles with unique patterns and rich textures. The weave of waffle bath towels was created to increase the surface area of the fabric. In other words, to create a towel that made toweling off easier than ever.

Designed for everyday use

Waffle towels were designed to be used in kitchens and bathhouses, where their absorbent design made them a popular choice. Today, they’re often commonly associated with bathing culture and high-end onsens in Japan. Crafted for durability and efficiency, Japanese waffle towels are often considered to be some of the best in the world.

They’re incredibly absorbent

Remember that increased surface area? Well, the unique weave of waffle bath towels creates small, hexagonal pockets that allow each towel to absorb moisture more effectively. Whether you’re wrapping up your hair after a shower or slipping into a waffle robe, you’ll be comfortably dry in no time.

They dry faster than your average towels

The signature weave also allows for better airflow, helping waffle towels dry faster after every use. In fact, waffle weave towels are often a staple in hot and humid bathhouses, where their quick-drying abilities prevent musty odors and bacterial growth.

They’re durable and long-lasting

Easy to care for, easy to love. Strong enough to stand up to regular use and machine washing, waffle towels made to last. With every swipe, the unique weave pattern distributes the weight and strain evenly across the fabric, reducing the likelihood of tears or fraying. This means you can trust that your waffle towels will be a household staple for some time.

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