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An object is only as beautiful as the environment in which it’s made. That’s why we travel the globe to bring the world’s best craftsmanship home to you. Each design is made by the most incredible artisans with the finest materials. All made start-to-finish with fair trade standards.


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Materials Matter

Heirloom-Quality Furniture

Fast furniture is everywhere right now. It’s easy to understand why — it’s cheap, trendy, and relatively easy to obtain. It’s also easy to abandon and in a few years time, most of this furniture will be in a landfill. Unfortunately, it’s becoming less frequent to see the kind of heirloom-quality furniture that was once passed from generation to generation, growing more beautiful over time and with each new owner or home. This is the kind of furniture that we want to support, design, and see out in the world. For all those who feel like we do, we’ve gathered up a few of our favorite reasons why heirloom furniture is an essential investment in your space.

It’s the more sustainable choice

Just speaking for the planet, it’s always better to repurpose than replace. If you’re going to buy new furniture, though, it’s better to find something that’s designed to last longer than 2-5 years. Every year, Americans throw out over 12 million tons of fast furniture, creating mountains of solid waste that often can’t be recycled. Heirloom-quality furniture grows with you over a lifetime, moving from your starter home to your forever home with ease.

Quality is the blueprint

Most furniture today isn’t crafted from solid materials. It’s an engineered composite, layered over with a thin veneer to give the appearance of wood and bound together with plastic rods. Not only are these not biodegradable, they are not as sturdy over time. Heirloom furniture pays close attention to every detail, sweating the details to select FSC-certified wood, all-natural upholstery, and performance fabrics.

Crafted by hand

Heirloom-quality furniture doesn’t begin and end on a conveyor belt. Each piece is shaped by master craftspeople, many of whom have been perfecting their art for decades. They’re the same people who source the right wood from domestic timber, track down all-natural upholstery that complements their work, and stitches performance fabrics onto a finished product. There’s a personal touch to every piece that can’t be found in a piece of fast furniture.

More beautiful with time

Fast furniture doesn’t age. It just breaks. A piece of solid wood furniture, on the other hand, develops a unique patina over time that can’t be beat. Not only that, it tells the story of a home and the people inside, even the person who always forgets to use a coaster with their drink. Even performance fabrics will develop a lived-in look that delivers an easy, well-traveled sophistication to any space in your home while remaining ultra-durable.

Goes great with vintage

If you’ve ever tried putting a piece of solid hardwood furniture next to a piece of wood composite, the illusion that fast furniture provides is immediately shattered. Man-made materials can’t really measure up to the unique character that an average piece of wood has, much less the beauty of heirloom furniture. If you have any interest in dabbling with vintage furniture at some point, we’d highly recommend always investing in solid hardwood furniture with FSC-certified wood.

Shares well with others

Although we’ve all seen a hand-me-down that’s less than stellar, solid wood furniture is rarely among them. Blending with a variety of aesthetics and tastes, heirloom quality furniture is a piece that many people would love to have in their home, adding rich detail, character, and a personal story that you won’t get from just anywhere. Individual designs may come and go, but you’ll never go wrong by sticking to the classics.

Worth investing in

We totally understand the sticker shock that might come with certain pieces, especially when compared with fast furniture. However, it’s important to remember that previous generations invested in heirloom-quality furniture that would last them a lifetime, not for just a lease. This isn’t a call to throw out everything you own, empty your bank account, and buy up all the furniture you can find. It’s an invitation to think more carefully about the belongings that we bring into our homes, the people who made them, and the impact that they can have on our world.

Artisan Spotlight


Known for their expertise in upholstery and solid-wood construction, we’ve partnering with The Lenoir Workshop. This group of eight talented woodworkers, sewers, upholsterers, and designers creates pieces to stand the test of time.

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