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An object is only as beautiful as the environment in which it’s made. That’s why we travel the globe to bring the world’s best craftsmanship home to you. Each design is made by the most incredible artisans with the finest materials. All made start-to-finish with fair trade standards.


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Rugs 101

Thoughtfully Crafted Rugs

When you’re looking to bring a new rug into your home, the options are endless. Now more than ever, though, we’re being more mindful about the belongings we bring into our space, searching for sustainable home decor that we can feel good about. If you’re in the market for eco-friendly rugs, we’ve gathered up our favorite reasons why shopping sustainably can be better for your home and the planet.

Made with Renewable materials

Whether they’re crafted from rich wool or plant fibers like jute, sustainable area rugs start with renewable materials. Plant fibers like jute are naturally biodegradable, grow quickly with little water, and are free from pesticides. At the same time, giving a herd of sheep their annual haircut actually preserves their health and wellbeing, while providing the source for these natural handwoven rugs.

sustainably made in small batches

If you’re looking for a conveyor belt, you won’t find it here. Natural handwoven rugs are crafted in small batches by dedicated teams of experienced artisans, reducing the material waste and energy consumption that can lurk behind less eco-friendly rugs you may find online.

crafted with heirloom techniques

If there’s a secret ingredient behind the best sustainable area rugs, it’s the traditional, time-tested techniques that set them apart from the crowd. A testament to generations of skilled artisans, these eco-friendly rugs are made to be incredibly durable and long-lasting, making them a perfect fit for the busy modern home.

Many are handwoven on a loom

It may seem hard to believe, but many natural handwoven rugs are still sustainably crafted by hand on a loom. Creating eco-friendly rugs that deliver durability with a unique, handmade charm, each artist will lace together yarn to set the rug’s foundation and pile, before weaving intricate patterns and design to create a stunning work of art.

Some are even hand-knotted

Yes, you read that correctly. A single artist may form thousands of knots to create these eco-friendly rugs, tying each knot to slowly create the pile of a rug. Although it requires great skill and more than a little patience, this technique creates sustainable area rugs of stunning quality and beauty.

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