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Home Tour: Ajai Guyot

Pops of color. Romantic bows. Interior designer, Ajai Guyot, invites us into her home this holiday season.

Q: Tell us about yourself

"Hey there, my name is Ajai and I’m an interior designer, mama, and wife that is proud to share various aspects of my life, which include interior design, lifestyle, entrepreneurship and my life as a writer. I run a design firm, write for and contribute to major publications, and I do product-styling for brands. For this reason, I have a website, where I share decor and lifestyle tips, DIYs, and room transformations. My job is to encourage people to live in a space that truly reflects who they are, while loving the life they live."

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Q: What is your favorite room or space to decorate during the holidays, and why?

"I love to decorate my kitchen the most. My family and I spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen, so I love to use decor that will inspire me to make more meals and that will bring my family together in the kitchen."

Q: How would you describe your personal design style?

"I would describe my personal design style as warm-scandinavian, organic, rustic, and quaint."

Q: What has influenced your design style?

"My lifestyle and travels have influenced my design style. I gravitate towards clean lines and coziness. I like for my home to feel clean and like a retreat - even when my toddler has toys everywhere, even I haven't quite gotten around to making the bed. I like to find the beauty in chaos (a beautiful mess if you will). I find that having a Scandinavian approach to life can make for a very intentional and relaxing space. I’ve also learned a different way of living throughout my travels. Other cultures have helped to instill a very powerful view of life and helped me to discover what is truly important to me, for this reason, my sourcing is very intentional. I only bring into my home the things I love and things that make me feel happy."

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Q: Can you share some of your favorite holiday decorating traditions that you incorporate into your home?

"My family and I get ornament momentos from all of the special places we have visited throughout the years, then put them on display via our tree (heading down memory lane while we do it). We also love to decorate a ginger-bread house on Christmas eve."

Q: What are 5 things in your home you can’t live without?

1. Throw blankets 2. Throw pillows 3. Wooden furniture - I love the warmth they exude 4. Area Rugs - If you know, you know. They truly complete a space. 5. Hand Towels - We make lots of messes around here!

Q: What are some current holiday decorating trends that you are loving?

"I love the bow trend and the red trend. I use bows all of the time, and I’ve always been a red-lip gal, so it's nice to see that other people are enjoying and encouraging these looks as well."

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