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We met with Laura and Sheenagh in a quaint restaurant overlooking the River Liffey. Over a glass of red wine, we bonded with them as we heard all about the design philosophy that led to the creation of this modern ceramics studio.

As we listened to Laura, the Creative Director of the studio, describe the intentionality behind every piece, we developed such an appreciation for her craft and vision. She is a true artist who sees inspiration in the most uncommon places.

Today, her small passion project has grown into a three-person studio that has set up shop near the vegetable market in Dublin. If you walk by on any given day, you’ll find Sheenagh and Patrick, two master ceramicists, throwing and glazing up a beautiful little storm.

It’s the studio’s creative thinking and attention to detail that got us excited to team up in developing our first line of ceramics. In each piece, you can trace the unparalleled level of artistry and skill - from the clean, architectural lines to the modern glazes, the team’s craftsmanship brings character to each design.