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In our first meeting with Julieta, she told us all about how she grew up wearing sweaters knit by her mother and grandmother. Living in the northern town of Chivilcoy, Argentina, she had her fair share of chilly winters, but these cozy knits made from Corriedale fleece kept her nice and toasty. As she put it, they were like a “warm hug”.

Fast forward a few decades, and Julieta has turned her love for this material into a force for good. She partners with a group of 10 skilled knitters in neighborhoods around Buenos Aires to translate their traditional designs into pieces for the modern home.

The knitting cooperative is made up of talented and ambitious women who learned the trade as a way to earn additional income for their families. Their hard work and skill shines through in the final pieces. Each step is done by hand, and even though it takes much longer than machine methods, this technique provides unmatched texture and variation, so no two pieces are alike.

We fell in love with this group’s work and story the moment we wrapped ourselves in their blankets. And now, we’re excited to bring all these “warm hugs” to you.