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Driving down the single paved road to the remote village of Banskho, you may pass a handful of motorcycles, maybe a goat herd or two, but for the most part, you’ll simply find miles and miles of quiet farmlands. That is, until you turn into the weaving workshop – it’s here, you’ll meet this lively group of weavers.

When we first walked up, the women were busy spinning the yarn, the men weaving away at their pit-looms. Everyone was laughing and chatting, all excited for us to see their work. Rosa, one of the spinners, called us over to her wheel, wanting to teach us a thing or two. A few failed spins in, and she quickly realized we were a lost cause – at least we gave the whole crew a good laugh.

They went on to walk us through the whole process, from dyeing, to spinning and weaving, then onto finishing, washing, and drying. Beaming with pride, they couldn’t help but smile as we asked questions, in awe of their expertise and mastery of this age-old craft.

Throughout India, groups like these are becoming more few and far between. As we headed back to Jaipur along the same paved road, we felt grateful for the day and time with this special group. We are so honored to play a small role helping preserve their rare craft and community.