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Artisans of Gurgaon
Employs 30 Artisans
“I trust everyone here. They all are the best at what we do, and we take great pride in our work.”
- Rajeev, Head of Workshop

Maybe it was the oversized cup of black coffee or the old, familiar scent of leather, but we felt right at home in Rajeev’s workshop. Our last stop on our trip, we had been looking forward to this one for awhile – known for making luxe, high-end handbags and belts, these guys are the best of the best.

Rajeev gave us the full tour, introducing us to the whole crew - from Prem, who meticulously cuts the leathers, to Mintu, who’s in charge of leather detailing and sewing. However, we spent the most time with Aroop, learning the ins and outs of leather weaving.

Starting with scraps from our block print leather pillows (we didn’t want any leather to go to waste!), he trims thin strips, then creates a grid of tape and effortlessly weaves the strips in an intricate, criss-cross design. The end result? A beautiful, not to mention sustainable, work of art for your home.