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Artisans of Java
Employs 115 Artisans
“We put the environment first. The principal of re-use, reduce, and recycle is our first step of designing.”
- Johni, Founder

In Yogyakarta, on the beautiful Indonesian island of Java, sits an unassuming cooperative of 115 artisans dedicated to making sustainable home goods. Even more unassuming? This group has a network of more than 500 home weavers who help them with their craft.

Over 25 years ago, Johni started this cooperative, primarily making fashion handbags, and over time, they transitioned to baskets and larger woven items. Now their mastery of the intricate weaving and finishing techniques required for these pieces is unparalleled.

Equally as spectacular as the quality of their goods is their commitment to sustainability. They work tirelessly to preserve natural resources and use their in-depth knowledge of local resources to minimize waste. Not only that, but they work to sustain their craft by passing along their knowledge and skill to locals in their community.