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Foraging Floral Workshop
Employs 1 Artisans
''From the picking and drying of the flowers, to creating a design, I approach my work with care while making deliberate choices about colors, shapes, sizes, and textures. The end result is not just a prepossessing object but an object that epitomizes nature's beatific dance.''
- Nina, owner and designer

With one look at the floral arrangements from this one-woman workshop, you’ll be strolling through the stunning landscapes of Northern California. Finding her materials (and inspiration) in nature, Nina has always been drawn to the ways flowers change with time, capturing their organic textures, shapes, and colors with traditional techniques that she’s perfected over the years.

Crafted with locally-sourced and foraged flowers, every piece invites the viewer to get lost in natural beauty, imagining the place where they come from. Partnering with small, often women-owned farms, Nina looks for botanicals farmed with organic, low-till methods. Passionate about every petal, Nina will even travel to wine country to forage for grapevines or go trekking through the Sierra Nevadas to find the perfect pine cone.

Starting at her kitchen table, Nina has built a one-of-a-kind workshop from masterpieces with natural charm. We’re so proud to play a small role in bringing these beautiful wreaths and garlands to your home.