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About thirty minutes outside of the bustling city of Marrakech, you’ll find the quiet village of Tamesluht. It’s here, in this unassuming town, you’ll find Abdessadek and his award-winning weaving cooperative.

Surrounded by dusty, red streets, Abdessadek’s sunflower-lined, white-walled workshop was a breath of fresh air. As we stepped inside, we were greeted by light-filled rooms, bright turquoise floors, and the best part – air conditioning. He walked us through the workshop, explaining how every room had a different purpose: one room for embroidering, one for making tassels, one for final construction. They have the system down pat.

But don’t let this well-oiled machine fool you – they still know how to have some fun. In fact, on any given day, you’ll catch these weavers jamming out to Ariana Grande or Jessie J as they masterfully craft their incredible designs.