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20° 37' 29'' N 103° 14' 32'' W
Jalisco Ceramics Studio
Employs 4 Artisans
“My creative process to design from what I see in nature – stones, cracks, imperfections. I focus on the details.”
- Ana, Founder

For Ana, it all started with a love for clay. A natural, sustainable material that can be transformed into various shapes and forms, clay holds endless possibilities. Each design is truly one of a kind, with its own unique texture, subtleties, and imperfections. And to Ana, that’s what makes ceramics so beautiful.

To bring this material to life, she works with talented ceramicists who’ve mastered this art over years and years of practice. Each design starts with Gustavo who mixes the clay pigments, then on to Moy for throwing, and lastly to Concha for finishing and detailing. In perfect harmony, this small band of master artisans come together to create their masterpieces.

Each sculpture is inspired by the landscapes throughout Mexico - from the sandy beaches to the open countrysides, you can trace the elements of nature in every piece. The hope being that each design brings a timeless, natural feel to any home.