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Kerala Workshop
Employs 32 Artisans
“The hand-loom industry in Kerala in slowly shrinking. Nearly half of the weavers are over 50 years old.”
- Poornima, Founder & Head of Cooperative

On our way to visit this workshop, we made a pit-stop at a roadside stand for a bite. It’s here, over some garlic naan and biryani, we learned more about Poornima and how she started this cooperative.

A former textile designer, she prefers the texture and subtle variation of textiles from traditional, wooden looms (versus machine ones). To her, the hand-loomed cotton has its own character and charm. And we couldn’t agree more.

She now partners with weavers throughout the coastal region of Kerala to ensure this art continues to be passed down from mother to daughter and father to son.

After hearing about her philosophy and passion for preserving the beauty of handcrafted textiles, we jumped at the chance to team up. With this collection of cotton table linens, we’re proud to partner with Poornima and the talented artisans of Kannur.