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At the heart of this woodworking studio is a love of design. Whether it is a simple bench or an intricate sculpture, these master artisans take their craft seriously, making sure every single detail is perfected. No cutting corners here. (Well, besides wood corners...).

First and foremost, Saad and the group of master woodworkers believe that beautiful designs start with the materials. That’s why they go to great lengths to source the finest wood, using marbled oak and walnut from the foothills of the Atlas Mountains.

And trust us, this next-level attention to detail pays off. One look at their designs, and you’ll see the difference. Inspired by the geometric themes in Moroccan architecture, we worked with this studio to create a series of unexpected table designs. Each piece tells its own story – the subtle variations in grain and texture all work together to create a richness and depth that’s unrivaled.