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Employs 5 Artisans
“I appreciate the life of objects.”
- Varun, Co-founder

A little elbow room can be hard to come by at this small workshop. Tables are lined with rows of intricate mugs and ornate bowls. Shelves are almost overflowing with powder-coated vases. Founded by a talented design duo in the midst of a global pandemic, this ceramics studio aims to bring beauty and soul in the midst of the chaos of the day-to-day.

A home for artisans in the heart of suburban Delhi, this studio draws inspiration from across the globe, striking a stunning balance between Indian, Japanese, and Scandinavian designs. Driven by a desire to create works of art with inner life, each piece bridges the divides between cultures, sitting at the intersection of nature and home. As bold as they are delicate, each piece is crafted by artisans who are evolving with time and creating the future of ceramics in India.