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Solano Furniture Studio
Employs 75 Artisans
"We source our materials from high-quality suppliers globally. The combination of frame design, fabric, foam, and pillows, make our sofas some of the most comfortable and high-quality available."
- Doug, Founder

If you drive north from San Francisco, odds are you’ll find rolling hills, stunning views of the bay, and this incredible design studio. On the workshop floor, apprentices mix with experienced seamstresses, cutters, and upholsterers to bring every elegant piece to life.

The truth is it takes a village to create furniture like this. The highest quality materials are sourced from all over the world, creating pieces that are made to last for generations. A strong frame is cut and assembled, before the upholstery process begins. From there, the suspension and foam are wrapped in custom fabrics that are always sewn in-house. Crafting the subtle curves and shaping rich, solid wood may take weeks at a time, but the end result is always worth it.

Big believers in taking on big challenges, this nimble studio is an innovator with a commitment to quality, bringing a fresh perspective to every project. It’s one of the many reasons we are proud to help bring their upholstered furniture to the world.