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For years, we’ve wanted to offer natural cowhide rugs from Argentina because they are the finest in the world. So we set out to find a tannery workshop dedicated to a higher standards of quality and ethics. After months of researching, interviewing, and vetting workshops, we finally met Javier and his team.

Based in Córdoba, this workshop is unparalleled in their commitment to ethical sourcing (all hides are a by-product of the farming and food industry) and high caliber tanning methods.

Hailing from the Northern pampas of Argentina, each hide is truly one-of-a-kind – from the distinct patterning to the unconventional forms, every piece has its own character. To bring out this richness and depth, Javier and his team use a complex chrome tanning process that takes over a week to complete.

From there, our design team handpicks the best of the best to bring them home to you.