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Weavers Of Arica
Employs 10 Artisans
“We want to support the protection of wetlands, so that plant fiber weaving can live over time.”
- Hugo, Workshop Manager

Along the coast of Peru, in the small community of Huacho, you’ll find this group of talented basket weavers. As a family-owned organization, you can tell they don’t see their work simply as a job, they see it as a true family.

And as a family, they are committed to upholding traditions. The basket weaving craft is not for the faint of heart – it requires great dexterity and strength to mold, shape, and braid the Totora reeds into works of art. Yet, this group of master artisans is up for the challenge. Day-in, day-out, their work is advancing this craft and ensuring it lives on for the next generation – a true family legacy.

In addition to the craft itself, they are also focused on the preservation of the coastal wetlands that supply the Totora material. A strong, durable plant fiber used for building boats (and at one point - floating islands!)Totora reed is one of Peru’s more unique natural resources. And as such, this group is dedicated to the growth and sustainability of its habitats.