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Founded by two brothers, Kamlesh and Dinesh, this weaving cooperative was started over thirty years ago. Today, this cooperative remains a family business with a single mission: to keep the tradition and practice of weaving alive.

The group creates incredibly detailed, handwoven cotton rugs, and what makes theirs so special is how they’re woven – on the ground, placed so that the weaver sits on top of the rug in order to see what they’re creating. The result is a tight, intricate weave, one that can achieve shapes and curves where other techniques fall short. All of the cotton is dyed and spun in house, too, allowing for a beautiful array of colors and precision.

Today, this cooperative employs more than 300 artisans, all of whom live within a 30-mile radius of Banshko and many who have worked with the group for decades. And through their NGO, Weaving the Future, they work to train future artisans – specifically women – in the craft in order to keep it alive and well.