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Across the islands of Indonesia, you’ll find hundreds of textile motifs and patterns, each one with a distinct symbolism and meaning. From marriage ceremonies to harvest festivals or funerals, textiles play an integral role in their culture.

This group is working to ensure these ancient traditions live on. They started over 20 years ago with 12 weavers, and they now work with over 1,200 weavers across 10 islands. Their goal? Preserve every part of this craft – the intricate patterns, the step-by-step techniques, the dye recipes. In fact, they even keep a library of over 450 plant species that are integral to the dye process.

We’re teaming up with a group of 30 weavers from Flores Island to create a series of one-of-a-kind pillows. The particular motifs we chose are traditionally used as wedding gifts to symbolize blessings and good fortune.