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Employs 608 Artisans

Across the world, the tradition and beauty of Afghan rugs is unmatched. The rich history of carpet weaving runs to the heart of Afghanistan’s heritage, with prints, patterns, and techniques that have spanned thousands of years. Crafted to be passed down for generations, you can trace the artistry in every hand-knot – and with up to 80 knots per square inch, each rug is a true masterpiece, taking up to six months to complete.

Over four decades of conflict, however, this weaving tradition has taken on a new meaning. This ancient craft has created thousands of jobs for women in Afghanistan – and in a time when women’s access to the classroom and the workplace is restricted, this tradition continues to empower and provide opportunities for advancement. In undisclosed locations around the country, you’ll find these brave women weaving on looms in their very own homes, carrying on this tradition and creating beautiful works of art.

We are proud to play a small part in empowering these communities. We began our partnership with this group only a few years ago, to help support these women who have already persevered against all odds through political upheaval and a global pandemic. Time and time again, their strength, resilience, and resourcefulness has risen to every occasion, and in the midst of it all, they have been able to bring light and beauty to the world.