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Weavers of Panipat
Employs 47 Artisans
"We love what we do - we get to share our inspiration and our story through our rugs. Every rug has a story to tell."
- Sobi, Director

The city of Panipat is rife with culture, and it doesn’t take much time to sense it all around you. It’s fitting, then, that some call Panipat ‘The City of Weavers’ – you can feel the city’s weaving heritage deeply rooted in every corner.

Within the limits of Panipat, you’ll find this family-owned cooperative that has been weaving the most beautiful textiles for generations. This community of 47 craftsmen create their works of art using centuries-old techniques – from making the yarn to the custom-made looms and tools they use in the process.

What really stuck out to us about this group was how important it is to them to create something beautiful, all because they know it’s going in someone’s home. “Special” and “perfect” were words that kept coming up in conversation. And their designs live up to this hype – each creation is truly special, and you can see the perfection in every stitch.

Spearheaded by master weaver Insar Ahmed, their specialty is in the blending of traditional weaving techniques with modern flatweave and hand-knotted styles. The result is spectacular, durable, soft, and beautiful rugs you’ll have in your home for years to come. Just as this special group of artisans intended.