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Just outside the hustle and bustle of Kampala is a little village called Bombo. This rural spot is unlike any other place in Uganda because it's filled with Sudanese and Arabic culture. In fact, the village’s unique customs and colorful handicrafts have put this gem on the map. 

In Bombo we met with a group of 15 stoic (and stunningly beautiful) women, all adorned in jewelry and colorful dress. They talked to us about their tribe’s traditions, most of which were adopted from ancient Egyptians. We were engrossed in stories about their 40-day wedding ceremonies, love for the Nile, and history of basket weaving.  

This community has become quite famous for the bright colors and natural dyes used in their designs. Their brilliant blues, pinks, yellows, and reds are all made from recipes they keep as a village secret. Our meeting was just a small, very special, peek into this age-old process and ancient culture.