Piedra Azul Rug
6' x 9'


Piedra Azul Rug
6' x 9'


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Handwoven in Mexico by 

The Women of Oaxaca 

Hand-dyed using natural indigo plants, this flat weave rug features a gorgeous mix of blues. With its rich palette and intricate Zapotec designs, this beauty is certain to become the conversation piece of any room.

Masterfully crafted using the highest quality sheep’s wool, a material known for it’s durability, this rug is made to withstand it all. MORE >

Handwoven from start to finish, it takes almost three weeks to complete, all made by a fair trade cooperative of 14 Zapotec women who live and work in Oaxaca.


  • MEASUREMENTS: 6' W x 9' H
  • MATERIALS: 100% sheep's wool
  • COLORS: Indigo base with light blue and cream accents
  • ORIGIN: Mexico
  • MADE IN SMALL BATCHES: Comes with hand-numbered tag


All our rugs are made from the finest natural materials. We choose pure sheep or llama wools, dye them carefully, and weave them for strength. Following these suggestions will ensure your rugs can be treasured for a lifetime.

Basic care:

Vacuum rugs lightly and avoid direct and prolonged sunlight exposure.

Treating stains:

If the stain was caused by liquid, act quickly to prevent from drying – use paper towels to absorb.

When in doubt, professional dry cleaning is always going to be your best bet. If you do decide to take matters into your own hands, a few tips for you:

  • For wine, coffee, or tea, apply a solution of warm water, detergent and white vinegar with a damp sponge. Wipe with clean cloth and let dry.
  • For oil, chocolate, lipstick, nail polish, or ink, scrub or scrape the stained area first. Then apply a solution of hot water and detergent with a clean cloth to absorb as much of the stain as possible. If required, leave the wet cloth overnight before wiping with a clean cloth to dry.